What is Authenticity

Authenticity is when there is no gap between how you feel, how you think, and how you act. Such an integrated behavior is possible when we live in alignment with our inner voice.

What is Authentic leadership?

Authentic leadership is a journey and approach to leadership, where the leaders operate as ‘entrepreneurs of life’ – open to exploring, not knowing and learning. Authentic Leaders are committed to self-transformation as a way of life as they recognise that change is a constant.

Authentic leaders are genuine, self-aware, inclusive and communicate openly. By trusting their gut instinct, they align with world to excel and hence, facilitate a culture of innovation, creativity, productivity and agility. They balance different roles of life by staying true to themselves and experience and enjoy life to the fullest.

Benefits of Authentic leadership

The external world mirrors our state of being by giving feedback through our health, wealth, career progression, quality of relationships, growth of business etc. By staying alert to the feedback and our emotions, we can turn inwards to discover insights that guide us on how to move forward with authenticity.

Authentic leader trust their inner self fearlessly, communicate compassionately and are vibrant and alive to the existence of life. Hence, such leaders are able to:

Establish relationships of trust and respect
Nurture the entrepreneurial spirit to create a culture of innovative thinking
Develop a culture of shared leadership and exhibit speed in decision making
Empower teams to be motivated and productive
Be inclusive of diverse perspectives and expand possibilities
Be resilient to manage transitions with agility
Align teams to work collaboratively and maximize potential
Live a multifaceted successful and joyful life