Arka Leadership

Arka Leadership is an institute focused on developing authentic leaders and inspiring people to live with authenticity to unleash their potential to the fullest. Our authentic leadership program facilitates a person to live a life of purpose, mastery, compassion and joy.


Trust & share safely

Excellence in performance

Discover Self & Design Actions

Well being

Listen Deeply

Unleash potential

Feel empowered and take a leap of faith


The external world is a mirror to our state of being
Life is a game to be played inside out
Our inner voice is the key to aligning our relationship with the external world.
Living in alignment with the inner voice facilitates to unleash potential and excel.
The anchored presence of an authentic leader awakens another to their authentic self

Authentic Leadership

Authentic leaders are holistic human beings, who balance different roles of life, by staying true to themselves. Life is not limited to only being a parent, or leader, or coach, or friend or colleague, it’s about experiencing and enjoying life as a human being.

There is no role model for that – we all have to find our own answers by living in alignment with our inner voice. Living such, we can perform all roles with dexterity and play the game of life to the fullest.

  • Unleash your potential
  • Redesign your life to be successful & joyful
  • Nurture and empower talent

Our Core Pillars

The foundation of our work is based on the confluence of the teachings of ancient Vedic philosophy and the science of coaching. We act as a catalyst to help clients to grow into authentic leaders through:


to the
inner voice


possibilities fearlessly


potential effortlessly

Outreach Projects

Our projects are designed to inspire people to have faith in the possibility of their inner resourcefulness and expand their observer by unleashing their potential.
We have designed projects to inspire people to tap into their inner resourcefulness and expand their observer by affirming the possibility, effectiveness and benefits of living with authenticity.

  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Articles
  • Story telling
  • Interviews with leaders
  • Research

Our Global Presence

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